“His Life Was Thown Away, so he Became a Stowaway”

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Central in English, Diáspora, Direitos Humanos, Notícias

Angolans in London pay tribute to anonymous stowaway countryman

In September of this year a rather peculiar and depressing piece of news made headlines around the world: a man, presumed to be Angolan based on the crumpled Kwanza currency notes in his pockets, was found dead in the streets of London, having dropped from the landing gear of a British Airways flight passing 2000ft overhead. The event received little mention in mainstream Angolan press but one can only imagine what type of desperation (and lack of knowledge about flight conditions in the gear of an airplane) would drive a man to attempt a journey in such conditions.

This Sunday, in London, a group of Angolans are getting together to pay their respects to the anonymous stowaway. Details below:Image

  1. Luareco says:

    Duas conclusões surgem após este incidente:
    1 – O homem que tentou esta fuga no trem de aterragem do avião devia estar extremamente desesperado, talvez pelas condições de vida deste país tão próspero chamado Angola.
    2 – A segurança do aeroporto está seriamente comprometida. Os sensores de movimento e o radar de solo deviam estar desligados/avariados e vedação comprometida. Esta situação pode ser aproveitada por terroristas.

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