“When videos of abuses go viral in Angola”

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Angola, Central in English, Direitos Humanos, Notícias, Opinião

O nosso centraleiro Cláudio Silva escreveu este artigo (em inglês) para os manos do Africa is a Country. O artigo foi depois retomado pelo jornal britânico The Guardian. O artigo foi escrito há quase um mês, mas nós na nossa eterna kunanguice só estamos a postar agora. Continua relevante. Boa leitura!

Our ‘centraleiro’ Cláudio Silva wrote this article for a site we enjoy reading, Africa is a Country. The article was then picked up by British newspaper The Guardian. The article in question is almost a month old, and in our eternal laziness we are only posting about it now. It remains highly relevant. Happy reading!

“Angolan authorities forced to act after horrific abuse videos go viral”

For the past two weeks, Angolans who use Facebook and other social media sites viewed and shared two particularly gruesome videos. One showed prison officials severely beating incarcerated men in the Comarca de Viana (Viana Jail), while the other, even more heinous, showed several men brutally beating and abusing two women who had allegedly attempted to steal a bottle of Moët & Chandon from the shop the men owned. The latter video lasts 13 long, uncomfortable minutes and among its more difficult scenes is the one in which an attacker forcibly kisses one of the women while the others laugh, and another in which the shop-owner beats the women with the blade of a machete. The video shows several men participating in the beating, while others, including women, stand by and watch while egging on the attackers. Both videos went viral in Angola.

They evoked very strong emotional reactions, particularly the second one. Within a matter of days, they had been mentioned on state television and talked about in public and private newspapers. It marks the first time that videos have gone truly viral in a country in which only about 5% of the population has access to the internet.

The videos come at a sensitive time. People continue to be shocked at the level violence permeating Angolan society. The torture and murder of a popular and well-liked teen last year at the hands of his teenage friends — which prompted a march against violence along Luanda’s new Marginal — is still fresh in many people’s minds. But the most remarkable outcome of this mass sharing of media was that the Angolan attorney general, or Procuradoria Geral da República (PGR) as it is locally known, actually did something about it. And they did it publicly and swiftly.

Read the rest here or the original post here

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