Violent repression expected at protests scheduled for 22nd/23rd November in Luanda (Civil Society)

Posted: November 20, 2014 in Argumentos, Cartas, Central in English, Direitos, Manifestações, Notícias

– On the 22nd and 23rd of November 2014  peaceful protests for political reform in Angola will be held by young activists.
– The protests will take place at the Independence Square, and at the surroundings of the constitutional court and, tentatively, the presidential palace.
– A letter is subscribed by new groups with integration of already renowned conglomerates like the Revolutionary Movement of Angola MRA.


Translation of Letter to Provincial Government

To the Provincial Government of Luanda – Cabinet of the Governor – Luanda

Topic: Communication of the realization of a protest on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2014.

Excellency, we are members of the civil society (civil activists), our activities pertain to what we think is a contribution to the construction of a democratic society. We are leaving you this letter, to communicate to government authorities, under article 47º of the constitution of the Republic of Angola, that we will carry out a peaceful protest on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2014. The aforesaid protest will have its assembly point at Independence Square at 15h, with the start at 22h in front of the constitutional court. At 23h we are going to be protesting in front of the presidential palace under the slogan ´political reform in Angola´.

Thereby demanding before Africa and the world the immediate resignation of José Eduardo dos Santos from the position of president of the republic.

It will be featuring members of the Revolutionary Movement.

Protest Movement of Angola
Revolution Movement of Angola
Angolan Reformer Movement
Activists Union of the 18 provinces and the people in general

Without further points of concern we wish you a good health

Luanda, 10 October 2014.
National Council of Activists from Angola – Different Peoples One Nation … To Liberty
The subscribers

  1. Ju Jaleco says:

    Posso perguntar porquê em Inglês?…

    • Central Angola 7311 says:

      Claro. Ou se calhar, porquê APENAS em inglês?

      Já estávamos a usar o facebook intensivamente para chamar atenção a este problema. Estes artigos serviram depois disseminar a informação no twitter para quem se interessa por Angola mas não fala português.

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